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July 2014: is back on-line...

(2014_07207) Due to server migraition of the US provider and have been off-line for quite some time. A provider switch re-established their accesibility, but they need some updating still.

July 2004: Dutch are back in orbit...

The AIGA symposium Spaced Out: Double Dutch was a success. More than 350 attendees occupied the Morgan Auditorium in San Francisco on 20 July. We were honored to host Deputy Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Los Angeles Hans van den Dool and Ambassador of the Queen of the Netherlands In Costa Rica Willem Wessels with their wives.

The AIGA evening in the auditorium of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles the next evening sold out all its available 160 seats. Here we were honored again with the presence of members of the Consulate General attending the evening.

Jan Middendorp effectively opened the series of lectures asking ‘What is Dutchness,’ followed by Max Bruinsma who focused more on the semiotics of the word as image and the image as language. Frans Oosterhof showed the shift of meaning in his poetic visual language, before Mieke Gerritzen visually bombarded us with her her upcoming typographic movie. The attendees of both evenings received a copy of ‘Double Dutch: The Word of Image,’ with texts by the speakers and illustrations and type designs by about 60 contributors, offered by the AIGA and its sponsors.

During the TypeCon2004 conference in Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, an informal selection of Dutch posters was exhibited. The posters, collected on my visit to Amsterdam in April and others received by mail, positively impressed the 480 conference guests. I would like to thank everybody again for their valuable contributions, which made this event a great success.


June 2004

Holland Fonts' founder Max Kisman is the editor and designer of the AIGA publication Double Dutch: The word of Image. A snap shot of Dutch graphic design thinking.

The book contains texts by Max Bruinsma, Frans Oosterhof Jan Middendorp and Max Kisman. A selection of Dutch and US graphic designers supplied visuals: 178 Aardige Ontwerpers, Erik Adigard, John Baldessari, Tom Bonauro, Dick Bruna, Jan Dietvorst, Ed Fella, Mieke Gerritsen, Melle Hammer, John Hersey, Marten Jongema, Max Kisman, Henri Lucas, Rebeca Méndez, Jennifer Morla, Frans Oosterhof, Christian Rockiki, Lies Ros, Jennifer Sterling, Jan van Toorn, Rudy VanderLans, Rick Valicenti, Rick Vermeulen, James Victore and XLNL.

The book incudes reproductions of the Dutch Doubles Font, an alphabet with designs by 178 Aardige Ontwerpers, Jacques Le Bailly, Onno Bevoort, Donald Beekman, Peter Bilak, Erik van Blokland, Petr van Blokland, Ben Bos, Jelle Bosma, Wim Crouwel, Jan Dietvorst, Severin Frank, Melle Hammer, Will Holder, Peter van den Hoogen, Fred Inklaar, Sander Kessels, Ad Kin, Max Kisman, Peterpaul Kloosterman, Assi Kootstra, Paul van der Laan, Harmen Liemburg, Harmine Louwé, Marc Lubbers, Martin Majoor, Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman, Rutger Middendorp, Richard Niessen, Martijn Oostra, Bas Oudt, Pieter van Rosmalen, Swip Stolk, Underware, Gerard Unger, Mark van Wageningen, Martin Wenzel. Dutch Doubles is available for free download on 1 july 2004.

Double Dutch: The word of Image will be published for the occasion of the AIGA symposium ‘Spaced Out. Double Dutch: the Word of Image’ on 20 at the Morgan Auditorium in San Francisco and 21 July 2004 at the MOCA in Los Angeles, California.

April 2004

Tuesday 20 July 2004, Morgan Auditorium, San Francisco.
WIth: Mieke Gerritzen, Frans Oosterhof, Jan Middendorp and Max Bruinsma.

Communicating an idea is describing it. Visual communication includes image and text. Text persuades and negotiates an exact meaning. Style and images envelope the message with emotion. This combination creates a unique visual language. Whether subtle, screaming, sneaky, serious, saccharine, sexual or stoic, this visual language speaks in many and multiple tongues. Endless possibilities. But the key to success is in the editing of these possibilities, however.

Through their engagement, designers and artists have a certain engagement, signified by the need to open up different view points. Freedom exists within its limitations. Being able to freely move around with restrictions, they acquire the skills of magicians to express ideas that stir up emotions that can be embedded in their work with texts and/or images. Does the images starts where the word ends? Does the word tells what an image thinks?

February 2004


Four new font relases: A gracious school script-like Book& Regular, Book& Italic, Book& Bold, Book& Bold Italic and the funky cut-out style Never Mind Regular, Never Mind Italic, Never Mind Bold, Never Mind Bold Italic. Each in 4 weights - regular, italic, bold and bold italic. $30 per weight.

November 2004

(source: Creative Review UK, December 2004)

There are 13 million AIDS orphans in Africa. In an attempt to help alleviate the problems suffered by those children, which include homelessness, malnutrition and lack of education, a group of designers have joined forces to develop charity project BUILDING LETTERS.

Amongst those who have donated fonts are Neville Brody, David Carson, Joshua Davis, Max Kisman and Erik Spiekermann. The BUILDING LETTERS pack includes a CD containing 38 different fonts, three posters designed specially for the project by Carson, Davis and Kisman plus a 36 page magazine, also designed by Kisman.
A snip at just £25 (US$ 42, €35), it is hoped that the money raised from the sales of the pack will cover the 6000 building costs for the two orphanages in Uganda and Kenya who have lost their parents to AIDS. Student volunteers from the British Development company Madventurer will start work on the Ugandan orphanage in December. as well as providing housing for the children it will also be usd as a school and as an AIDS awareness centre.

The project is spearheaded by Jim Richardson of Newcastle-based SUMO design. “Madventurer is run by a friend of mine and he asked me to help him think of a way to raise money for this project,” he explains. “I have a type foundry called Union Fonts and through that I know many type designers.”
Proceeds raised will be donated to UK charity The Northern Youth Venture Fund, which is managing the funding of the orphanages. To find out more about BUILDING LETTERS and to buy a copy of the package – there are only 1000 copies, check out

BUILDING LETTERS: a magazine with contributions by Saki Mafundikwa on Afrikan Alphabets, Jennifer Sonderby on the Highfield Art Club print shop in Harare, Garth Walker, Steven Kotze and Brode Vosloo on typography in South Africa, Claudio Piccinini on graphic design from Africa, Jim Richardson and Max Kisman.

3 POSTERS designed by David Carson, Joshua Davis and Max Kisman.

CHRIMBOBAT 2004: a Christmas dingbat font with contributions by Neville Brody, Erik Spiekermann, Erik Adigard, John Hersey, Max Kisman, Christian Rokicki, Claudio Piccinini, Underware, Brode Vosloo, Lotte Bruhn, Richard Kegler, Steven Kane, K10K, Jorge Alderete, Rick Valicenti.

BUILDING LETTERS CD: a special font collection with 38 fonts donated by We Work For Them, Identikal, Holland Fonts, Fontmonster, P22, Qui Resiste, Fontomas, Ündt typefaces, Sacred Nipple, Baseline Fonts. Catalog pages are included in the magazine.

October 2003


To enhance the decorative pattern qualities of “BFRIKA” and its derived dingbat font “BFRIBAT,” the "BFRIKA 2TONE" and "BFRIBAT 2TONE" allow you to create two colored text or patterns in any design application program. Copy and place a text field exactly on top of itself and set the character to either one of these fonts.
Bfrika 2Tone, Bfribat and Bifribat are only at available.

The whole BFRIKA family will feature in UNION FONT's charity project “BUILDING LETTERS", a fund raiser for the building of two orphanages in Kenya and Uganda. A magazine and a cd with many fonts from well known type designers and foundries will be published in November 2003 and will be available from the “BUILDING LETTERS" website. Read more about this project on WWW.BUILDINGLETTERS.ORG.

September 2003


Holland Fonts' own typographic webzine TRIBE has launched its THIRD edition “SPACE,” presenting views, opinions and experiences from local and global contributors, and last but not least the full Frisco_Remix, with contributions of 34 Bay Area designers.


34 Bay Area type designers, letter artists and illustrators in one font: Michael Abbink, Erik Adigard, Bob Aufuldish, Mike Bartalos, John Bielenberg, Adam Brodsley, Rod Cavazos, Richard Chang, G. Daniel Covert, Claudia Dallendörfer, Josh Distler, Ed Fella, Mark Fox, David Lance Goines, Eric Heiman, Stefan Hattenbach, Jim Parkinson, Rudy Vanderlans, John Hersey, Allistair Johnston, Jeff Keedy, Max Kisman, Mike Kohnke, Joe Kral, Jean-Benoit Lévy, Zuzana Licko, Peter Lofting, Joachim Müller-Lancé, Dennis Pasco, Doug Raphael, Erik Spiekermann, Sumner Stone, Joe VanDerBos, Mark Winn, Delve Withrington.

More about the Frisco_Remix in TRIBE03 or download directly from here.


Holland Fonts supports the AIGA Graphic Design conference

October 1 2003, 7-10 pm in theAcademy of Arts College Morgan Auditorium,
491 Post Street, San Francisco.

Speakers are art historian Karen Fiss, type face designer Jim Parkinson, illustrator Mike Bartalos and graphic designer Max Kisman.

Read more about this event in TRIBE03

July 2003


HOLLAND FONTS is included in INDIE FONTS 2. A compendium for digital type from independent type foundries with 400 pages, 19 foundries and over 1600 font specimens in a hardcover book with CD ROM including 38 fonts. Produced by P22. ISBN:0963108239.Price: $ 39.95.
For purchase information write info at hollandfonts dot com

April 2003.

Holland Fonts presents Tribe,
subcultures in typography and graphic design. This magazine was previously hosted as FontShop/Tribe at the website of FontShop USA.
After Tribe 01: Territory and Tribe 2: Handmade, the next issue, Tribe 03: Space, the medium between what is and what is not, is planned to be launched in Fall 2003.

12 new fonts! Pacific Serif Light, Pacific Serif Bold, Pacific Sans Light, Pacific Sans Bold, Pacific Standard Serif Light, Pacific Standard Serif Bold, Submarine Extra Light, Submarine Light, Submarine Regular, Submarine Bold, Submarine Extra Bold, and Tribe Mono.

You can also purchase Holland Fonts fonts also at or at Phil's Fonts.

Get the MaxMix-One for free! MaxMix-One is a compilation of characters from various fonts designed between 1985 and 1991.

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