Max Kisman

Max Kisman is principal of MKDSGN (Mill Valley, California) and founder of Holland Fonts, a small type foundry for his typeface design. Born in the Netherlands, Kisman was a pioneer in digital technology in the mid-1980s. He is an award-winning designer whose work includes magazines, posters, stamps for the Dutch postal service and television graphics.

...In the early 1980s, Max Kisman became the designer of a small, independent music magazine, Vinyl. This Amsterdam-based publication was set up very much as a response to the innovative British magazine, The Face. Responding to Neville Brody’s radical designs for that magazine, Kisman began to experiment by creating new headline typefaces for each issue... (Emily King. New Faces: type design in the first decade of device-independent digital typesetting. 1987-1997.

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